Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes


Guatemala Antigua Los Volcanes is sourced from family-owned farms located near the city of Antigua, Sacatepéquez department, Guatemala. This area, located in the highlands of Guatemala near the southern coast, is surrounded by three volcanoes. To the south, Volcán de Agua (water) then to the west, Volcán de Fuego (fire) and Volcán de Acatenango.

The valley’s between these volcanoes, along with the climate, make excellent growing conditions for coffee trees. The volcanic loam type soil is full of minerals. Temperatures remain fairly steady between 65 to 75°F with a high level of humidity. Weather patterns are generally reliable and their is plenty of heavy rainfall. Native chalum and grevillea trees are nitrogen fixing and provide a canopy of shade. These factors come together to create the Antigua profile. Because of Antigua’s renowned coffee reputation the region has a protected designation of origin (PDO).

Pleasant drinking! Sweet aroma with hints of cinnamon, sugar and stone fruit. Velvety smooth in the cup with a full medium body. Nuances of milk chocolate, cinnamon, burnt sugar, peach and plum.