Guatemala Atitlan San Pedro Honey


This special offering of Guatemala Atitlán San Pedro Honey is sourced from San Pedro La Laguna on the southwest shore of lake Atitlán, Guatemala. The lake is surrounded by volcanoes, San Pedro La Laguna sits beneath Volcan San Pedro. The great volcanic soil along with high rainfall amounts make the volcanic slopes ideal for coffee growing. This crop is honey processed so a part of the fruit is left on during processing. This type of processing tends to make the coffee naturally sweeter with more pronounced fruit and floral notes. This is one of the nicest coffees we have sampled recently and we’re glad to be able to offer this delightful microlot!

Lovely aroma with nuances of orange blossoms, sugar and spice. Soft, medium body in the cup but still rich and lush. Notes of lemon, fig and pineapple along with cocoa and vanilla and an amaretto-like finish.