Guatemala Quisache El Volcan


Guatemala Quisache El Volcan is sourced from farms located in the Acatenango volcanic coffee growing region near Antigua in the department of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Oswaldo PĂ©rez and Ramiro De La Roca own this small group of farms that are organized around the village of Quisache. This region is a more recently recognized coffee growing area (although coffee has been cultivated here for over 100 years), receiving a Protected Designation of Origin in 2012. Ashes from the nearby, still active volcanoes, forest covered peaks and distinctive climate patterns all contribute to ideal coffee growing conditions.

The reputation of the Antigua profile is quite renowned so traceability is strictly managed in this area. Oswaldo, his sons and Ramiro grow their coffees at 1,600 to 2,000 meters in a volcanic loam soil. They deliver the coffee cherries to a wet-mill in Antigua called La Esperanza that receives and processes cherry with traceability to the surrounding Antigua area. They use various equipment to help maintain a consistent fermentation process and have both mechanical dryers as well as patios for the drying process. They are meticulous about water management and treatment. Once the crop has been processed at La Esperanza it is transported to San Isabel, a dry-mill in Guatemala City. San Isabel also implements multiple pieces of equipment for the sorting process including a catadora that operates like a wind channel to remove broken and less dense coffee beans. The mild weather in Guatemala City provides good conditions for coffee storage prior to export.

Lovely nuances of cocoa, spice and pie crust in the aroma. Rich and creamy body in the cup with notes of semi-sweet chocolate and cinnamon as well as subtle and sweet fruity notes of cherry and strawberry.


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