Guatemala La Flor Del Cafe Peaberry


Our Guatemala La Flor del Café is sourced from smallholder farms in the Antigua region. Guatemala has a large range of growing regions with Antigua being one of the most famous. Most of the farms in Guatemala are small, from 2 to 25 acres, with growing elevations from 1,200 to 1,600 meters.

Once delivered to the Pastores mill, coffees are sampled by our importer, Hacienda La Minita. They choose the finest crops and then help throughout the preparation process to ensure the highest quality standards are kept. This crop was prepared fully washed, 100% sun dried and sorted by hand.

Sweet aroma with notes of milk chocolate, caramel and plum. Smooth, medium body. In the cup, nuances of milk chocolate, toffee, hazelnut and dates.