Hawaiian Kona


Our current Hawaiian Kona Prime is sourced from Greenwell Farms. Located in Kealakelua, Hawaii this farm is part of the designated Kona Coffee Belt. Kona Coffee is a world renowned variety and to achieve a Certified 100% Kona Coffee label not only must it be grown in the Kona area but it must pass a strict grading system created by Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture. This helps to protect the labor and authenticity behind true Kona beans. There are multiple factors used to grade the beans including shape and size, color, moisture content and the number of defects present. Only beans graded in the top five categories can be considered 100% Kona coffee.

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Kona Coffee Belt is only about 1 mile wide but stretches 30 miles along the volcanic slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai. The volcanic soil is ideal for coffee trees; fertile, rich in minerals and nutrients and provides good drainage. The microclimate of the area is also ideal. Fairly even temperatures, morning sunlight along with afternoon shade and showers, mild nights and light winds all allow the beans to mature nice and slow.

Greenwell Farms is one of the largest and oldest coffee producers in the Kona area. The farm was started in 1850 by Henry Nicholas Greenwell. He and his wife farmed and produced coffee for 40 years. In the 1980’s a new generation of the Greenwell family, Henry’s grandson Norman and great-grandson Thomas, began developing coffee on some of the same land area and have played an important role in Hawaii’s coffee industry. They maintain coffee orchards on 85 acres, as well as managing another 60 acres of coffee for other landowners along with development of other farms.

Nice, sweet aroma with notes of cocoa, nuts and vanilla. Smooth and silky body in the cup with nuances of sweet chocolate, nut brittle, vanilla cream and subtle hints of orange or lemon along with just a touch of rosemary. Delightful!

If you would like to try a quarter or half-pound of this coffee instead of a full pound, please add a note in the “Order Notes” section on the checkout page or call the store at (256) 539-1636.

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