Honduras Liquidambar Yellow Honey


Our Honduras Finca Liquidámbar Yellow Honey is sourced from a 37 acre farm located in the community of Guascotoro within the municipality of San Jose in the department of La Paz, Honduras. Roberto Rene González and his family own Finca Liquidámbar where he produced and milled this crop as a single farm micro-lot for RAOS (Cooperativa Regional de Agricultores Orgánicos de la Sierra). Besides being a member of RAOS, Roberto is also the general manager of the group.

After graduating university with a degree in business management, Roberto (one of the first in his community to earn a degree) returned home to manage RAOS and to help his family run the coffee farm. He is currently working on getting 19 acres of the farm formally recognized as a biological reserve with a goal of the reserve becoming a destination for tourism in the area. Finca Liquidámbar has year-round employment for 7 people and during the harvest an additional 30 people. Roberto, his wife Odalma and their two children partner with the local schools and organizations for road improvements and youth activities. RAOS also has multiple programs and projects to aid members and families of the group in agriculture and daily living.

This micro-lot was grown at 1,510 meters in a clay mineral type soil. Processed in the pulped natural or honey style and dried inside solar dryers that provide protection from the rain. This crop is Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade.

In honey style processing the coffee cherry fruit is removed but the fleshy mucilage layer is left on the bean. The name honey derives from the stickiness and honey-esque color of this mucilage layer, not the actual flavor of the bean. Although, you will find that honey processed coffees do tend to be sweeter and usually have nice fruit nuances. Honey processing can be further broken down by color; white, yellow, gold, red and black. In the most general way the color label has to do with the amount of mucilage left on the bean, white and yellow types with the least and red and black with the most. Other factors, such as amount of light and drying time, humidity and the process each different producer follows, also affect what color label will be added to a crop. This coffee is wonderfully sweet and fruity.

Delightful aroma with notes of sweet chocolate, caramel, and pastry. Focused and balanced in the cup, nuances of milk chocolate, caramel, cherry, and lemon. Smooth, medium body. Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade.