India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold


Our India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold comes from several smallholder farms in the Chikmagalur district, Karnataka state, India. Chikmagalur district was the first recorded area of coffee cultivation in India, going back to the 17th century and the story of Baba Budan.

Chikmagalur is the second largest coffee producing district in India and coffee cultivation is one of the main economy drivers. Farms in the area are almost exclusively (more than 95% of growers) smallholder and family-owned. The average farm size is 4 or less hectares; 10 or less acres. Many have been operating for almost 100 years, being passed down through the generations of the family.

The Karnataka state and Chikmagalur district sit towards the southern end of the Western Ghauts mountain range that runs all along the western coast of India. The high level of rainfall, tropical climate, and volcanic loam soil make this area excellent for growing coffee. Farm altitudes are between 1,200 and 1,350 masl. The crop is fully washed for processing and then sun-dried.

Lovely sweet aroma with hints of berries, kiwi, chocolate, and spices. That sweet aroma holds up with really nice sweetness in the cup. The body is medium-full, and smooth. Nuances of earthy cocoa and chocolate syrup, cinnamon, kiwi, passion fruit, berry, and a touch of lemon. Unique and a little wild!