Kenya Kiambu AA Regional Blend


This Kenya Kiambu AA is a regional blend sourced from various smallholder farms throughout Kiambu County. One of Kenya’s central counties, Kiambu is located near the Aberdare mountain range and Mount Kenya.

In comparison to other coffee producing countries, Kenya’s microlot production is proportionally large. Most coffee buyers are used to Kenyan coffee being organized in very small volumes that correspond to one specific estate or washing station. These small lots may tend to dominate the highest quality tiers but there is still a bulk market. Select bulk lots, such as this specific regional blend, can still have high transparency and specific physical preparations. These types of bulk lots provide targeted flavor profiles and for roasters dealing in large volume they provide more roasting consistency. There are countless ways to build coffee blends like these, and taking account of the assertive attributes of Kenya’s coffee as a whole, each one is naturally a little different.

Like most of Kenya’s central counties, Kiambu county is known for the country’s best terroir, highest growing elevations and best run coffee factories. The coffees making up this blend come from farms that work with Dormans, a prolific and quality focused milling and exporting network. Cuppers at Dormans carefully allocate deliveries from Kiambu factories (wet mills) over the course of many weeks until they have multiple cohesive blend of coffees, each with a unique character.

Bold aroma with lots of citrus notes as well as chocolate and pastry. Nice composition in the cup with a heavy body. Nuances of naval orange, lemon, lime and green grapes balanced by dark chocolate and pie crust.