Kenya Kiambu Kiriga Estate AB


This Kenya coffee comes to us from Kiriga Estate located in the Central Highlands near the town of Thika in Kiambu County. Kiriga Estate is owned and operated by Dr. Brian Gakunga. The estate was established in 1954 and initially owned by British settlers. Brian’s grandfather, Aloysius Gakunga, bought the estate and later Brian inherited the farm and has been the director ever since.

Kiriga Estate has just over 130 acres of land in use for coffee cultivation. This is divided into 8 blocks each with approximately 10,000 coffee trees including trees dating back to the original establishment of the farm. The Chania river runs along the lands of the estate and is also the natural border betweeen Kiambu and Muranga counties. The estate has it’s own dam to supply water during the dry seasons, sometimes the hippos come to visit. Chania river supplies the dam as well as water needed for processing the coffee.

The coffee trees grow at around 1,200 meters above sea level and the area has rich volcanic soil. The estate has its own wet mill where initial processing is carried out. Cherries are selectively hand picked and delivered to the wet mill the same day. The cherries are then sorted, depulped and washed. Next the washed coffee beans are moved to raised tables for sun drying. After being dried the beans are sent to an outside dry mill for final processing and exportation.

A vibrant and juicy cup of coffee. The aroma has citrus and floral notes that follow through to the cup. Full bodied with nuances of grapefruit, lime and orange, green grapes, jasmine and hints of dark chocolate and toffee.