Kenya Nyeri Rugi Mihuti


Kenya Nyeri Rugi Mihuti AB is sourced from small holder farm members of the Rugi Farmers Cooperative Society. Rugi FCS has seven coffee factories (wet mills) in Kenya. The Mihuti coffee factory is located in the Nyeri region of Kenya, south-west of Mt. Kenya.

Rugi FCS was registered in 2005, forming after a previous co-op split. They have about 4,500 active members in all. Producers that deliver to the Mihuti coffee factory are mainly growing in the high altitudes of the central highlands, about 1,700 masl, on half-acre plots with around 250 coffee trees. Growing on small plots allows producers to pick the most ripe berries for processing. At the coffee factory the cherries will go through more sorting to ensure top quality lots of coffee. After depulping, fermenting and washing, the coffee beans are soaked in fresh water for long periods to set the authentic Kenyan taste profiles, then dried on raised beds.

This energetic coffee hits that Kenyan taste we are always looking for! Notes of berries, citrus and cocoa in the aroma. Full-bodied, rich and juicy in the cup. Nuances of tangy lemon, lime and orange along with sweet blueberry, muscadine and cocoa.