Mexico Finca La Laja Washed


This special offer coffee was produced by Finca La Laja located in Tlaltetela, state of Veracruz, Mexico. “La laja” means the “stone where clay figures are molded”. Started in 1920 by Hermilo Sampieri and continued by his son (also named Hermilo Sampieri), the farm has grown from one family farm in the state of Veracruz to four farms and three farms in the state of Puebla. Along with the farm expansion they also began milling and exporting with wet mills in Veracruz and Puebla and a dry mill and export office in Veracruz. Between La Laja’s farms in Veracruz and Puebla and the cherries they source from small producers in the state of Chiapas, they are able to export a range of qualities, regions and processing methods.

La Laja is committed to quality, traceability and environmental respect. The farm runs a nursery that provides coffee seedlings to their own farms along with the farms they buy cherries from. Agronomists are on staff to provide technical training to producers. They have standards and controls for farm reforestation, endangered species preservation and saving water. They also use a controlled fertilization process, recycle garbage, make compost and strive to respect the natural flora and fauna in all actions. Loans are available to smallholder farms through a pre-harvest lending program as well.

Grown at 1,130 to 1,250 meters, processed washed. Sweet aroma with notes of milk chocolate, honey and orange. Sweet balanced flavor in the cup as well with nuances of milk chocolate, caramel and hints of juicy sweet fruits-orange, mango and berries. Smooth, light body.