Mexico Altura Siltepec Finca San Carlos Maragogipe


This Special Offering from Mexico is sourced from Finca San Carlos, located in Siltepec, Chiapas, at the border between Mexico and Guatemala on the western slope of Volcán Tacaná. Alfred Klein, owner and operator of Finca San Carlos, has been working for over twenty years to bring the farm to where it is today. He has struggled through all manner of disasters that could befall a coffee farm, from environmental to monetary, including losing ownership of the farm for a time too. Alfred persevered and with a little help was able to repurchase the farm and has spent the last several years working on an aggressive plan to renovate and restore San Carlos to its former glory, including vintage mill equipment and heirloom varietals.

Coffee processing at Finca San Carlos has no compromises. Cherries are sorted carefully, depulped with vintage vertical pulpers, slowly fermented for 48 hours in cold spring water, then double washed with a 48 hour soak before slowly drying on patios and raised beds in the sun. Alfred has configured the mill to operate with 5,000 liters of water per day that is also recycled several times then returned downstream after a water purification system and bio-digester have cleaned, balanced the pH and oxygenated the water. He also runs his own dry mill using a series of 3 vintage catadores (wind channels) to classify the coffee. Selection and classification of cherries at the wet mill is so good that Alfred does not require any other equipment in the dry mill besides the catadores.

This crop is grown at 1,100 to 1,350 meters in a clay mineral soil. The Maragogipe varietal is a natural mutation of Typica that was discovered in Maragogipe, Brazil in 1870. Maragogipe grows very tall and requires special pruning techniques, has low yields and is very susceptible to leaf rust. A distinctive characteristic of Maragogipe is the size of the bean, not only larger than most other varietals but also an oblong shape. As part of the plan for San Carlos Alfred has renovated 10 hectares (about 2.5 acres) of the farm with this nearly extinct varietal.

A lovely chocolate aroma with hints of vanilla and peach as well. Focused in the cup with nuances of fudge and milk chocolate, caramel, juicy stone fruit and subtle tart berries. Rich, creamy and sweet, quite the delight!