Mexico Oaxaca Pluma San Sebastián Coatlán


This crop of Mexico Oaxaca Pluma San Sebastián Coatlán is sourced from a group of 80 family owned farms located in south western Mexico around the town/municipality San Sebastián Coatlán, in the Sierra Sur Region, in the state of Oaxaca.

Generally, farmers in this area depend on coffee production to make their living, operating on small scale farms no more than a few acres each. Most have their own micro wet mill to process the crop. Processed beans are sun dried on patios. Then the coffee is transported to a central dry mill facility where final preparation is done before the coffee is exported.

This crop was exported through Galguera Gómez S.A. de C.V. The company is committed to bringing quality coffee from Oaxaca’s farmers to the international market and does so through fair prices, sustainability, and continual improvement of the green coffee chain.

Smooth and sweet. Nice aroma with hints of s’mores, brownies, and allspice. The sweet notes follow through to the cup with nuances of milk chocolate, chocolate pie, caramel, and a hint of allspice. Easy drinking!