Moka Pots


Aerolatte Aluminum MokavistaAvailable¬† in 3, 6 or 9 “espresso cup” sizes. Aluminum body with a BPA-free window to watch the coffee brew. Suitable for all stovetops except induction, hand wash only.

Aerolatte Caff√® PorcellanaBlack Enamelled aluminum base with porcelain pot that can be removed for serving, 4 “espresso cup” size. Works on all stovetops except induction. Porcelain pot is dishwasher safe, base is not. (available for pick up orders only)

Primula AluminumAvailable in 3, 6 or 9 “espresso cup” sizes. Aluminum body with ergonomic handle. Hand wash only.

Primula Stainless SteelAvailable in 4 or 6 “espresso cup” sizes. Stainless steel body with soft silicone handle. Hand wash only.


Tips for using Moka Pots:

  • Always make sure to keep handle to side of stovetop eye, handles can melt if left directly over heat
  • Use a fine grind for the coffee, finer than drip but not quite as fine as espresso
  • Don’t overfill the base with water as it will affect the pressure needed for brewing
  • It’s best to remove pot from stovetop right before it reaches boiling
  • Experiment to find the best flavor for your tastes!