New Guinea Kimel Estate AA


This crop of coffee from New Guinea comes to us from the Kimel Plantation. First established in 1974, Kimel Plantation is located south of Mount Hagen in Banz, Western Highlands, Waghi Valley, Papua New Guinea.

Australian Bobby Gibbs initially established the plantation but it is now owned mainly by the Opai tribe along with other indigenous tribes, the traditional landowners. While now locally owned, directors appointed expatriate personnel to manage the estate for their comprehensive experience in plantation management. There are over 400 permanent workers living on the estate. Along with housing, the estate provides medical facilities for workers and dependents and schooling for children. A community project, financed by an overseas client and implemented by estate management, has made clean running water available on the estate.

Kimel Plantation coffee is grown at 1,580 meters above sea level. The soil in the area is a sandy loam (made up of mostly sand along with varying amounts of silt and clay) that allows for good drainage. Cherries are depulped, fermented, fully washed and then dried in the sun. As the estate is located along the Kimel River, its namesake, the plantation has access to good, clean water for coffee processing. This along with sound husbandry and dedicated management helps the plantation to continually create quality coffee crops. The plantation also considers environmental impact and implements policies in regards to this. Pulp from the cherries is recycled back to the fields as an organic fertilizer and water from the wet processing is recycled as well. All coffee cultivation happens under shade trees benefiting both the coffee as well as the local wildlife.

A deep chocolate aroma with hints of pastry, citrus and spice. A full yet silky body in the cup with notes of dark chocolate, allspice, almond brittle and a hint of fine acidity; orange zest, lemon.