New Guinea Siane Chimbu


Our Papua New Guinea Organic Siane Chimbu comes to us from farms organized around the Siane Organic Agriculture Cooperative (SOAC) located in the Chuave district within the province of Chimbu, Papua New Guinea. SOAC helps to create more earnings for farmers in the group by accessing the international coffee market, assisting with financing, coffee quality improvement, organic certification, and community based projects.

This area is located in the Bismarck mountain range which provides rich volcanic loam soil and high altitudes perfect for coffee growing. This coffee is processed fully washed and is Certified Organic.

Rich, sweet aroma with notes of chocolate, vanilla, and a hint of berry. Creamy, full body. In the cup, nuances of dark chocolate, chocolate mousse, caramel, baking spice, and plum. Certified Organic.