Panama Los Naranjos Volcancito


Our new crop of Panama Los Naranjos Volcancito is sourced from Finca Lerida Coffee Estate. Located in Los Naranjos, a corregimiento (a subdivision of a district) of the district of Boquete, province of Chiriqui, Panama. The estate is nestled under Volcán Burú, the tallest mountain in Panama, within the Volcán Burú National Park. With their long history in coffee (Finca Lerida is over 100 years old!), a beautiful vintage hotel and being surrounded by an ecological heaven the estate has become not only a working farm but a source for tourism as well.

The estate was purchased in 2009 by Sonia Amoruso’s family and while her sister Maria took on the tourism development, Sonia took over managing the farming operations. Sonia was captivated with coffee production and quickly became familiar with all aspects of the process from growing to final product. She is one of the few women involved in specialty coffee in Panama. The farm has 30 year round employees and also takes on 60 more during the harvest season. They like to support and stay active with the surrounding community. They provide housing and a school for all of their employees and families and put on special events for children in the area throughout the year. Sonia’s intentions are to have a balance between being a modern farm and maintaining the nature around them by being conscious and responsible growers while maintaining consistent quality.

Coffee on the farm is grown at 1,500 meters in a volcanic loam soil type. Ripe cherries are meticulously picked during harvest then milled on the estate. At the vintage mill cherries are still sorted to remove under ripe and damaged beans using the siphon invented by the original farm owner in the 1920s. Next the coffee is depulped, fermented, washed and carefully dried on covered patios and raised beds. This coffee has a lovely, sweet aroma with hints of rich cocoa, vanilla and stone fruits. Soft, medium body in the cup with notes of cocoa, plum and peach. Subtle floral notes and subtle sweet brightness like a lemon pound cake. Just delicious!


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