Peru Cajamarca Santa Maria Cesar Sampertegui


Our current Peru is sourced from near the Santa Maria community, JaƩn province in the Cajamarca department. Cesar Sampertegui produced and processed this crop at Bosques de Huamantanga, his 12 acre farm.

While Cesar solely owns and operates his farm, he is also aligned with Aroma del Valle. This cooperative was established to assist small coffee farmers in gaining better access to resources and the international specialty coffee market. All of the producers function as a democracy, allowing everyone to have a voice in the cooperatives developments. They are all dedicated to producing high scoring specialty coffee with unique flavors and aromas from distinct origins. Taking care of the land is of equal importance and the majority of crops coming through the cooperative are shade-grown and certified organic.

Cesar designs his own farm management and harvest/post-harvest solutions. After meticulously harvesting the ripe cherries, he uses his personal micro-mill to float the cherries to remove damaged or less dense beans. After this, the viable cherries ferment for 24 hours before depulping and then ferment for another 12 hours after. The coffee beans are then dried with the mucilage attached over a period of 20 days on raised beds under solar canopies.

Delectable aroma with notes of brown sugar, cocoa, and cherry hand pie. Smooth and balanced in the cup with a medium body. Nuances of cocoa, peach, berries, and brown sugar. Just so tasty! Certified Organic.