Peru Finca Buena Vista


Our Peru is sourced from Finca Buena Vista, located in the Chirinos district, Cajamarca region, San Ignacio province in northwestern Peru. Finca Buena Vista is owned by Neptali Santos. He grows several varieties on his farm and processes on site as well. Neptali, along with about 150 other producers, work with Finca Churupampa (called ‘Finca‘ for short)a quality and sustainability oriented organic farm/exporter. Finca was initiated to bring other small farms on to more sustainable and organic driven growing. As our importer, Hacienda La Minita, put it “Organic by design not default”.

Finca holds strict standards for the coffee producers in their group. To join farmers must agree to a quality improvements program and commit to taking steps every year to improve the health and quality of their coffee trees. Finca assists it’s members in training and implementing practices like composting, using raised and covered drying beds and GrainPro packaging. They also employ agronomists to help farms with techniques, quality improvement and also how to cup their own coffees.

With this type of help Neptali is able to create delicious coffees that are also sustainable and Certified Organic. Finca Buena Vista grows at high elevations and once the coffee cherries are harvested they are depulped, fermented in plastic barrels for 72 hours and then dried on raised beds for 3 weeks before being washed processed.

Rich chocolate aroma with a touch of citrus, pie crust and caramel. Velvety medium body. In the cup, nuances of cocoa and milk chocolate, sweet strawberry and plum and subtle orange. A solid cup of  coffee! Certified Organic.