Peru Tabaconas Las Mercedes


Throughout Peru the bulk of coffee production comes from small farms owned and operated by producers who follow organic farm management harmonious with their cultural connection with the land. Our current Peru Tabaconas Las Mercedes comes to us from a community group of 6 producers; Gabriel Garcia, Genaro Vallejos, Joaquin Bermeo, Maria Santos Ramos, Reyner Terrones and Zoraida Benavides. Las Mercedes, located in the Tabaconas district of San Ignacio province in the Cajamarca region; the northern most parts of the Andes mountain range in Peru. This group of producers live in a unique micro-climate and share a commitment for cultivating quality coffee, creating a striking regional profile.

Each producer cultivates their coffee crop individually on just a few acres of land. They intercrop with shade trees as well as bananas, corn and beans. Coffee cherries are carefully harvested and sorted before being depulped, fermented, washed and dried using their own micro-mills. While each producer has designed farm management and post-harvest solutions to fit their individual needs, they also have an alliance with Aroma del Valle. This organization assists small producers in bringing their coffees to the international market and earning fair prices.

Aroma del Valle works with a little over 300 producers in multiple provinces of Peru. They strive to create principles of democracy and loyalty, socio-economic development and social identity for their small producers. They provide crucial investment for basic infrastructure including road improvements, establishing local warehouses and preparing coffee for export and also help farmers navigate the organic certification process. This all helps to ensure traceability and quality control throughout the post harvest process.

Growing altitudes in the area range from 1,700 to 1,850 meters above sea level. The soil is a clay mineral type and cherries are fully washed and dried in the sun. This crop is Certified Organic. A very pleasant Peru! Complex aroma with nuances of cocoa, toasted nuts, citrus and stone fruits, vanilla and caramel. Full and creamy in the cup, a nice balance of fine acidity and sweetness. Notes of juicy orange, cherry and plum up front, followed by semi-sweet chocolate, nutmeg and vanilla cream sweetness.

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