Sumatra Kerinci Gunung Tujuh


Our Sumatra Kerinci Gunung Tujuh Wet Hulled is sourced from small family-owned plots located around Mount Kerinci in the Kerinci regency, Jambi province of Sumatra, Indonesia. Farmers in this area are organized around the Cooperative Kopi Alam Kerinci (ALKO). The co-op has just a little over 500 members spread across 26 villages. While the main goal of ALKO is getting coffee safely to the international market (there are a lot of logistical challenges in Sumatra), they also work with farmers to improve infrastructure and educate them on working in balance with the environment. The Kerinci Seblat National Park surrounds the entire Kerinci valley so farmers work on decreasing forest encroachment and also have a program that exchanges roasted coffee for trash collection in the park.

ALKO farmers are growing at altitudes of 1,300 to 1,650 meters above sea level. As this coffee growing area is centered around Mount Kerinci, the soil is a volcanic loam. At harvest time, farmers deliver cherries to ALKO’s central mill for careful sorting, depulping, and fementing. The coffee is then washed and dried on patios to shed excess water from the parchment covered beans. This crop takes a detour from usual norms at this point, being finished by wet-hulling, a process endemic to Indonesian coffees. For wet-hulling (Giling Basah in the native language), they remove the parchment from the coffee beans while there is still quite a high moisture content, and then dry the exposed beans further to reach an acceptable moisture percentage for exporting. Typical moisture content for processed coffees are around 9%-12% whereas wet hulled coffees have about 30%-35% moisture content. This type of processing also gives the coffee beans a an interesting bluish color.

Mellow, earthy aroma with a hint of cocoa and spice. Great full body in the cup, rich and smooth. Traditional Sumatra earthiness with a mild sweetness, notes of dark cocoa, molasses, cinnamon, and allspice.