Sumatra Takengon IKA Mandheling


Our Sumata Takengon IKA Mandheling Grade 1 is sourced from family-owned farms surrounding the Jagong Mill. Located in the Takengon and Atu Lintang coffee region in the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, the Jagong Mill is owned and operated by Irham Junus, along with his daughter, Ina and son, Andi. Irham established the mill in 1979 and started doing their own exporting in 2006. They employ about 120 year-round employees as well as 210 seasonal employees and work with 639 different farmers with a total of about 1,756 acres of coffee. Jagong Mill works with all of their producers to assist them in processing good quality coffees. Revenue from the mill is used to enhance farming operations with a constant goal towards more social, environmental and sustainable conditions. They meet these goals through paying higher wages, upgrading and installing irrigation systems and water reservoirs and assistance with terrace maintenance.

Coffee in this area is grown at 1,300 to 1,600 meters in a volcanic loam soil. The coffee cherries are processed by the wet hulled method and dried in the sun. The Junus family has focused on meticulous ripe cherry selection and clean water sources resulting in truly unique Sumatran coffees. They also have full control of the processing and milling right up to the final export stage which means they avoid the long, convoluted supply lines that can compromise quality. Wet hulled (“Giling Basah” in the local language) processing is really only practiced in Indonesia, and mainly on the islands of Sumatra and Sulawesi. It’s an intense processing method that is used to really draw out the body of a coffee and subdue the more acidic notes.

Mellow, earthy aroma with just a hint of fruit. Heavy-bodied and rich in the cup, earthy, bittersweet chocolate and very subtle sweet notes of vanilla and maple syrup.