Yemen Mocca Haimi


Yemen is one of the most historic coffee growing regions, having a lineage spanning more than 2,000 years! They also boast one of the most unique coffee varieties in the world. The geography demands cultivars that can withstand extreme drought and still produce fruit. Coffee production continues today with many of the same traditions dating back to the 15th century, like drying coffee naturally in the cherry on the rooftops of houses perched on the edges of steep mountain ridges.

This crop is sourced from a group of family owned plots located in the Al-Haymah district, Sana’s Governate, within the western highlands of Yemen, parallel to the Red Sea. This group of 23 producers works closely with export company Pearl of Tehama, owned and operated by Fatoum Muslot (one of the only female business owners in the Yemen coffee world). Through collaborating with Pearl of Tehama, these small producers have learned new processing techniques to ensure consistency in their coffee crops. Pearl of Tehama is currently helping producers to organize formally since recognized producer associations can solicit international assistance for infrastructure improvements like roads, schools and water systems. They also provide localized receiving warehouses to ease the burden of transport and safe storage for producers.

This coffee was grown at 1,000 – 2,000 meters above sea level in a sandy loam type soil (a mix of sand, silt and clay allowing for good drainage) and processed natural in the traditional style of drying on raised beds and rooftops.

The delicious aroma is like a berry pie with dark chocolate drizzle. In the cup you’ll find nice complexity with notes of strawberries, super dark chocolate and earthiness as well as hints of berries, lemon, rosé. Great full body with a silky/syrupy feel.

**Modern Yemen continues to suffer from prolonged conflict which has cost more than 100,000 lives since 2014, displaced more than 3 million people and left many people in the country in need of food and/or medical aid. It is quite amazing that with this much turmoil, some can still produce and export such unique and superb coffee crops. The last several years we have felt very lucky anytime we have been able to offer Yemeni coffee.**

Photograph rights owned by Royal Coffee.