Yemen Mocca Hawari


Yemen is one of the most historic coffee growing regions in the world, second only to Ethiopia, with a lineage spanning more than 2,000 years! The unique nature of Yemeni coffee exists for a litany of different reasons. The geography demands cultivars that can withstand extreme drought and still produce fruit. Coffee farmers frequently dig individual pits for each plant in order to shield the coffee from the elements, and to conserve water that might otherwise evaporate. Coffee production continues today with many of the same traditions dating back to the 15th century, like drying coffee naturally in the cherry on the rooftops of houses perched on the edges of steep mountain ridges.

Modern Yemen continues to suffer from prolonged conflict which has cost at least 100,000 lives since 2015, displaced more than 3 million people and left many people in the country in need of food and/or medical aid. It is quite amazing that with this much turmoil, some can still produce and export such unique and superb coffee crops.

Our Yemen Mocca Hawari is sourced from a group of coffee producers from the Al Qafr district of the Ibb Governorate in Yemen, located on the southeastern side of the escarpment of the Yemen Highlands. Fatoum Muslot, owner of Pearl of Tehama, milled and exported this crop. Fatoum started Pearl of Tehama in 2013 when her father’s company, famed Ali Hibah Muslot & Sons, was split for inheritance between the siblings. She was faced with difficulty at first, between being a woman in business and less experience in the business as well as the difficulties in the country, but with her sons encouragement and her fathers reputation she has carried on and built a successful operation. Pearl of Tehama is currently helping producers to organize formally since recognized producer associations can solicit international assistance for infrastructure improvements like roads, schools and water systems. They also provide localized receiving warehouses to ease the burden of transport and safe storage for producers.

This crop was grown at 1,300 to 1,500 masl in a sandy loam soil. Full natural process and dried on rooftops. A complex and extraordinary coffee. A sweet and spicy aroma with notes of caramel and blueberry balanced by spice and smokiness. Smooth and syrupy heavy body. Nuances of sweet caramel, milk chocolate and red wine with subtle citrus alongside spice, tobacco and earthiness. Truly unique!


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