Yemen Mocca Sanani


Our Yemen Mocca Sanani is sourced from Ali Hiba Muslot and Sons family owned plots located throughout the western highlands of Yemen in the area surrounding the city of Sana’a. The mountains in this area run parallel to the Red Sea between the city of Ta’izz in the south and Sa’dah in the north. Yemen is one of the most historic coffee growing regions in the world, second only to Ethiopia, with a lineage spanning more than 2,000 years!

The unique nature of Yemeni coffee exists for a litany of different reasons. The geography demands cultivars that can withstand extreme drought and still produce fruit. Coffee farmers frequently dig individual pits for each plant in order to shield the coffee from the elements, and to conserve water that might otherwise evaporate. Coffee production continues today with many of the same traditions dating back to the 15th century, like drying coffee naturally in the cherry on the rooftops of houses perched on the edges of steep mountain ridges.

Coffee in this area comes from trees that are original rootstock that crossed the Red Sea from Ethiopia and grows at altitudes of 2,000 to 2,500 meters. The soil is sedimentary and rich in natural fertilizers. This crop is a full sun-dried natural. We are pleased to offer Yemen from Ali Hiba Muslot and Sons again this year. Unique and focused. Intoxicating aroma with nuances of fruits and chocolate. Full bodied, syrupy and smooth with a sweet finish. Great complexity in the cup with notes of winey and ripe berries, stone fruits, earthiness, rich chocolate, cocoa and hints of a good whiskey or cognac. Exceptional as ever!

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