Countries Of Origin

Our coffees from the following countries are roasted to a deep brown in the American full city style.

Brazil Mantiquei Ra De Minas $15.50 lb.

An aroma full of chocolate and hints of cherry and marzipan. In the cup flavors of milk chocolate and caramel are balanced with dried fruit, nuttiness and a hint of citrus. Smooth and rich with subtle brightness. Learn More

Celebes Kalossi (Sulawesi) Toarco Jaya A Fully Washed $18.95 lb.

Our Celebes (Sulawesi) has dark chocolate, maple syrup and spice undertones balanced by a sweetly pungent fruit flavor. Our Celebes Toarco Jaya A coffee from the Toraja region of Celebes Islands, now known as Sulawesi, exhibits full body. Learn More

Colombia Mejor de Narino Hernando Loaiza $18.95 lb.

Bright citrus and tropical fruit up front, a hint of milk chocolate, and a soft, sweet caramel finish. Our Colombia Narino produced by Hernando Loaiza was selected as one of the top microlots by professional tasters in Colombia. Learn More

Colombia Narino Supremo 17/18 $14.95 lb.

Our Colombia Narino Supremo is a beautiful coffee with notes of chocolate, caramel and candied fruit in the aroma. A nice medium body in the cup with nuances of chocolate, vanilla, cherry, cola and toasted nuts. Learn More

Costa Rica La Minita $18.50 lb.

Elegant, refined and complex. This internationally known single-estate coffee is the best crop we have tasted in years with its bright acidity, medium body and sweet flavors of citrus, caramelized sugar and fine chocolate. A veritable symphony of flavors! Learn More

Costa Rican La Minita Honey-Processed $19.50 lb.

This flagship coffee from Hacienda La Minita has been processed with a bit of the fruit stuck to the bean while it dries, known as "Honey Process", resulting in a brighter, fruitier, sweeter cup of coffee. Learn More

Ethiopian East Harrar 4 Nafisifi $18.95 lb.

Lovely aroma full of berries, fig and hints of chocolate. In the cup there are flavors of raspberry and strawberry along with nuances of bittersweet chocolate and earthiness. A nice full body with a rich finish like pancake syrup. Learn More

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Natural Kochere Gutiti $18.95 lb.

From the “Birthplace of Coffee” Ethiopian Yirgacheffe charms you, with its berry notes and hints of honey, chocolate and citrus. A nice full bodied coffee with velvety richness. Learn More

Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona $17.95 lb.

Bella Carmona is a single estate coffee grown in Antigua, one of the most renowned coffee producing regions in Guatemala. Nuances of chocolate, caramel and fruit abound with a nice medium body and juicy mouthfeel. Rich volcanic soil, high altitudes and ideal climate, along with careful processing create some of the world’s best coffee. Learn More

Kenya Nyeri Othaya Mahiga AB $18.95 lb.

An aroma full of fruits like green apple, cherry and blueberry. A focused cup with bright notes of green apple, lemon, cherry and blueberry and a good heavy body. Learn More

Mexican Oaxaca Pluma Los Naranjos Pochutla $15.95 lb.

Chocolate and caramel aroma with hints of fruit and citrus. Silky, rich body with flavors of chocolate, caramel and orange and hints of apple and lemon. Learn More

Peruvian FTO CENTROCAFE 85+ GrainPro $15.95 lb.

Smooth flavor, good acidity, excellent body. In the cloud forest of the Andes — the ancient land of the Incas — coffee is grown much has it has been for generations … with great care, and with great respect for the land. Learn More

Sumatra Bener Meriah Mandheling $15.95 lb.

Our Sumatra Mandheling has a magnificent heavy body with an earthy quality. Its character is sturdy and direct, and the flavor shows hints of cherry and dark chocolate. Learn More

Tanzanian RFA Edelweiss Estate AB Peaberry $15.95 lb.

A fresh aroma with light floral and herbal notes. Focused with lots of citrus flavors including lemon, lime and a hint of orange and nuances of burnt sugar and chocolate. Good body with a smooth finish. Learn More