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New Offerings

We’ve got some great new coffees available in the store!

Our new crop of Yirgacheffe comes from the Gedeo Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional State of Ethiopia. The crop is sourced from family farms organized around the local Worka Cooperative and the larger umbrella Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. The cooperatives work together with producers to support sustainable, consistent and transparent coffee production. While these objectives do help to make a more excellent cup of coffee, they more importantly uplift the living standards of all the producer members of the cooperatives.

This is a Certified Fair Trade crop. Processed full natural, dried on raised beds. Our tasting notes: Sweet and fruity aroma with notes of berries and sugar. Nice, full body in the cup. Nuances of sweet and slightly tangy mixed berries (blueberry, raspberry, cherry, strawberry), hints of lemon and earthiness. A harmonious balance of sweet and bright!

Available for $17.95 per pound. You can also try it out in our Red Sea Blend for $17.95 per pound.

For February we are featuring another new offering as our Coffee Of The Month. Colombia Huila Palestina AA is from the Palestina municipality within the department of Huila. This crop is sourced through Colombian export company, Banexport, through a collaborative model between multiple farms. These collaborations create traceable community blends that show off the vibrant regional profiles of different areas. Five farmers, Fanny Majin Quinayas, Jairo Quiñones Quinayas, Jose Edgar Moreno Guacaname, Yubert Castro Claros and Yeison Andres Cordoba Rodriguez, produced this crop.

Processed fully washed, dried inside solar dryers that provide protection from rain. Our tasting notes: Hints of cocoa, fruits and butterscotch in the aroma. Rich and vibrant in the cup, nice medium body. Nuances of stone fruits, like plum and peach, orange and melon along with cocoa and a hint of butterscotch. Just lovely!

Regular price of $15.95 but for the month of February it’s on sale for $14.95 per pound! We also feature our Colombia crop is a few different blends; Breakfast Blend, German Blend or Kaffeeklatsch House Blend.

While our Tea Of The Month is not a new offering it is a long time favorite at the store! Ava’s Magic of Roses is available for $5.50 per quarter pound for the month of February. A fantastic herbal tea that blends dried fruits, herbs and baby rose buds to create a fragrant brew. As it’s caffeine free you can enjoy it any time of day. It’s pink-purple color once brewed makes it a great tea-party drink for kids as well!

*A note on our teas from China and the recent Coronavirus: There is no concern for any of the teas that we have on offer. Once the contract is signed between our tea broker and the farms the crop is immediately processed and packed. Between regular harvest season timing and our tea brokers practices the teas we have available have been sealed prior to October 2019. Depending on how this virus outbreak continues it may affect availability of future tea offerings but at this time, again, there is no concern.*