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New Coffees for Spring

We have a newly arrived Tanzanian RFA Edelweiss Estate Peaberry. This Rain Forest Alliance certified coffee has a lovely aroma with notes of herbs and flowers. The flavor is very focused with citrus highlights and hints of chocolate and burnt sugar. The Edelweiss Estate is a family owned estate located on the slopes of the Ngorogoro Calder and is a protected wildlife refuge for the endangered black rhino.

Other new coffees from Africa are our two types of Ethiopian. Our Ethiopian Harrar is sourced from family owned farms growing indigenous heirloom cultivars at heights of 1200 to 2100 meters. The coffee has flavors of mixed berries and nuances of bittersweet chocolate with underlying earthiness. The high notes of this coffee are balanced by a full body and the finish is rich and syrupy. Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is grown organically though not certified. It has a wonderful aroma full of berry, lavender, and honey. The aroma follows through in the cup with hints of chocolate and citrus followed by a velvety richness. Both Ethiopian coffees are $18.95 per pound.

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