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Coffee Updates

We had an excellent 2023 and start to 2024, gaining lots of new customers along with our faithful regulars. We couldn’t be more honored and happy with the support that you all give us!

That being said, some of you may have noticed that our coffee selection is a little slimmer than usual right now. The fact is we went through our stock of some coffees quicker than expected. But please no fear, we will have your favorites back in stock as soon as we can! If you didn’t know, when we purchase coffee we have to try to buy enough to last until the harvest season the next year. So we’ll probably be buying a bit more of some than we used to!

Over the last week or so we have sampled, and approved some Costa Rica Monte Crisol, Ethiopia Harrar, Guatemala, Jamaica Blue Mountain, and Kenya. We should have samples from Mexico arrive very soon as well. Once we have those we’ll be able to get a coffee shipment to the store to replenish our stock. Coming up over the next couple months will also be samples from Brazil, Costa Rica (Natural), Honduras, Sumatra, and Yemen.

Our featured coffee this month is the WLRH Morning Blend, on sale for $16.95 per pound. This is a very pleasant blend of Brazil, Colombia, and Peru coffees that we created for them several years ago. We also have some personal blends that different WLRH staff created after doing a tasting with us. WLRH is a great entity to have in our community and we are proud to support them!

Other Updates

We are happy to be celebrating our 48th year of business this month!!

Kaffeeklatsch branded mugs will be back in stock in a few weeks. We’ll have one new style available so look out for those soon.

We are continuing to work on our online checkout process to make improvements. We really appreciate your patience as we make changes and please let us know if you have any questions! In the meantime, please note:

  • Options for “Shipping” or “Pick up in store” will only show up once you have entered an address
  • The automatic default is “Shipping” so you must switch to “Pick up in store” if that is your preference
  • These options show up underneath the “Subtotal” in the “Your Order” section on the right side of the page as shown in the picture below
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New Website Features!

We are excited to have some new website features!

An option to order coffees in pound or half-pound sizes is now available. When you click on a coffee to select options, there is a second drop down box for bag sizes in the same area to select your grind preference. If we have a coffee available in the quarter pound size that will also be an option on those specific coffees. *Please note, if you want us to blend caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees together make sure to let us in the “Order Notes” section at checkout.

Order shipping costs now show on the checkout page giving you your full order total. Once an address is entered at checkout, the options to “Pick up in store” or “Ship” will show up. When “Ship” is selected you will see your shipping cost displayed. Shipping costs are calculated based on your address and order weight. *Please note, if you have a preference for shipping via UPS or USPS make sure to let us know in the “Order Notes” section at checkout.

For gifts, an option for gift packaging is available. This option is located on the checkout page below “Ship to a different address?”.

Our payment system has changed some as well. The option to pay with a gift card is now located above the credit card information area. There is also a new option to save your credit card information securely.

Our mobile phone page view has been upgraded. At the top of the drop down menu there are links to “My Account”, “Cart”, and “Checkout”. This should make navigating while on mobile much easier!

We hope these changes will make your online shopping experience with us even better and thank you for your patience as we were working on this! If you have any questions, or any issues placing your order, please reach out and let us know!

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Happy Holidays!

The holidays are upon us, and 2024 is not far away at all! As Christmas nears, we have plenty of gift options for the coffee and tea lovers in your life.

Our ever popular seasonal coffees, Holiday Blend and Yuletide Cheer, are available. Holiday blend is an easy-drinking, non-flavored blend of our Mexican and Peruvian coffees. Yuletide Cheer is a flavored blend with a mix of our Bavarian Chocolate, Frangelico & Creme, and Irish Cream coffees. Both are excellent for gifting, serving at holiday events, or for yourself to enjoy!

Of course we have plenty of other coffees to choose from; single origins, blends, flavored, dark roasts, and decaffs. There are descriptions for all of our offerings to help you choose. If you need some help picking something out we are glad to help as well, just email or call and we’ll get you taken care of!

We have a new Festive Cranberry Green tea SOLD OUT! Nice and refreshing, with a light cranberry flavor, tasty hot or iced and it’s Tea Of The Month so it’s a dollar off all of December! Another great winter time tea is the Masala Chai, very aromatic and complex! Our tea selection is well stocked and includes black, green, oolong, flavored, and herbal types. Brewing suggestions are included on the tea descriptions so if you are gifting to a new tea drinking they’ll have a reference.

Along with coffees and teas, there are plenty of accessories and Kaffeeklatsch merch! Just click on the “Accessories” tab. Everything from coffee and tea brewing equipment, storage, mugs and glasses, along with Kaffeeklatsch shirts, stickers and pins.

We want to thank all of our patrons for the continued support and love of our business! We love what we do here and we are so glad we can share it with you! Happy Holidays and Good Will to All!! – The Kaffeeklatsch Crew-Joanna, Katie, Amanda, Paron, Diana, Anna Ruth, and Grant & Kathryn

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New Coffees & Merch!

Hard to believe it’s already November, the holiday season is right around the corner! For us it seems like the year has flown by, but we’re loving the weather, enjoying some great new coffees, and excited about new merch and accessories in store, and more coming soon.

New Coffees

We have a couple new Special Offerings that are really interesting and delicious.

Our new Costa Rica Natural process is just a delightful cup of coffee! This crop comes from a small but long running farm owned and operated by the Monge family. Father Rodolfo Monge has over 40 years of experience cultivating coffee. His son Gustavo has helped move the farm to processing it’s own coffee on site in the last few years, giving them traceability for their crops. This also allows for trying different processing styles, such as this crop which is a Natural processed (also called dry process) coffee versus the more usual Washed Process (also called wet process) we see out of Central and South America. In the Natural process style the full outside of the coffee cherry is kept in tact for the initial stages of processing which really brings out the inherent fruit notes. Definitely worth a try while it’s here!

Our other new special offering is from farmers living in and around Bumba Hill in the Kayanza province of Burundi, and was processed in a somewhat newer style of Honey processing; Anaerobic. With help from the Long Miles Coffee Project, farmers in the area have closer and easier access to a processing station, the Ninga Washing Station, as well as farm and processing support. This crop was treated in an Anaerobic Honey process. In Honey processing (also called pulp natural or semi-washed), the outer skin/pulp of the coffee cherry is removed but the gooey mucilage underneath is left for the inside bean to ferment in before the rest of processing is finished, helping accentuate sweeter fruit notes. For the Anaerobic style the beans are treated the same for most of the processing, except during the fermentation time; the mucilage covered beans are fermented in a low or no oxygen environment, generally in sealed large containers. This difference tends to bring out notes of tropical-like fruit and spices. A great, complex cup of coffee!

New Merch & A Reusable Discount

Check out our brand new Airscape storage jars branded with our logo! The canisters use a two lid, vacuum system so they work wonderfully for keeping your coffee nice and fresh. Available in brushed steel or matte black, blank or branded, small-holds 250g/10oz. whole bean coffee or medium-holds 500g/1lb. whole bean coffee.

Each Airscape storage jar comes with a matching size cotton bean bag. For our local patrons these are great for picking up your beans at the store to bring home to your jar, which will work well with our brand new Reusable Container Discount*! Bring in your bean bag, Airscape storage jar, or any other container of your choice and receive a discount off a 1lb. or 1/2lb. of coffee (around 50 cents for 1lb. and 25 cents for 1/2lb.)! It may not sound like much, but over time it adds up and you are really helping us put less waste out in the world. We highly recommend using a hard container for ground coffee and washing your container or bag between each coffee. *Discount/Reusable container usage are not available for shipping*

We also have some great new AeroPress items, including the new Clear and XL versions of their brewer and an organizer caddy for all the bits. Our selection of filters for different brewers has grown and now includes reusable options.

More new merch coming soon! We’ll have more Kaffeeklatsch branded mugs soon, as well as some locally made pottery pieces, including branded pottery mugs. Shirts and hoodies are in the works too, check back for two new t-shirts, a long sleeve shirt, and a zip up hoodie!

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Summer Highlights

We are pleased to have new coffee and tea arrivals at the store, as well as some customer favorites that we’ve all been missing!

We have two excellent honeyprocessed Special Offerings available;

  • El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas Honey – Sourced from the farm Cerro Las Ranas, translation “the hill of the frogs”, named for the lagoon on the farm that is populated by thousands of frogs. Read more about the family owned operation and grab a pound to try.
  • Uganda Mountain Harvest Mbale Honey – This was a great surprise sample for us while we were looking for some new honey-processed lots. This is a vibrant and complex coffee with lots fruity notes and is Certified Organic. Read more about the Mountain Harvest company that represents small growers on Mount Elgon, Uganda and is helping them to achieve economic and environmental sustainability. We’ll have this in store for a short while, so if it sounds like the flavor profile you like make sure to give it a try soon!

New crops of Colombia and Guatemala, and Honduras Honey back in stock;

  • Colombia Huila Terra – Another great crop out of the Huila region. Good body, with nice balance and complexity. Also it’s Certified Organic.
  • Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca La Providencia – Great lot from Finca La Providencia. Farm owner and operator Max calls his coffee Palhu, a blend of his family name, Palacios, and the region, Huehuetenango.
  • Honduas Liquidambar Yellow Honey – Back in stock! We know you’ve missed it, it may be one of our most asked about coffees recently. Another delicious crop from Roberto Gonzalez’s Finca Liquidambar and still Certified Fair Trade, Certified Organic.

Coffees Arriving Soon;

  • Costa Rica Santa Maria De Dota Peaberry – Another store favorite that we’ve been missing! We just approved a delicious sample and have a delivery on the road to us. Look for it in the next couple weeks.

Great Summer Teas

We have some really nice teas for summertime drinking! Whether you still like to drink it hot or prefer to switch to iced tea in the warmer months, any of these teas are great choices;

  • Fragrant Fruit Mountain Oolong – A lovely oolong that is delicate, sweet, and low in tannins, making it very easy drinking!
  • Honeydew Mint Fruit Tea – A nice fruity blend with a little bit of mint. Very refreshing and naturally decaffeinated.
  • Passionfruit and Peach Fruit Tea – Lovely summertime all fruit blend that’s naturally sweet and juicy. Naturally decaffeinated.
  • Summer Peach Green – One of our newer teas, and so good for summertime. A mix of refreshing green tea with peach bits and sunflower petals.
  • Keemun Maofeng Fancy – If you’re a fan of Southern style iced tea, you’ll find this traditional Keemun works great for sweet (or unsweet) iced tea.

New Brewing Accessories;

  • Moccamaster KM5 Electric Grinder – An excellent new burr grinder from Moccamaster. Made with the same level of quality and care as their wonderful brewers, with the same 5 year warranty, and lifetime repairability!
  • AeroPress Clear, AeroPress Stainless Steel Reusable Filters, and AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap – AeroPress has introduced multiple new items recently, including a clear version of their brewer, reusable filters, and a flow control filter. Look for these new items on our website in the next few weeks!