Oolong Teas

Oolongs are full-bodied teas with a fragrant flavor and fruity, sweet aroma. Most Oolong teas come from China and Taiwan, where the finest varieties are still handmade following the traditional manufacturing process.

Health Benefits: Studies show that oolong tea, rich in antioxidants, promotes healthy teeth, skin and bones and can help to lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease and aid in digestion and weight loss. Since oolong tea contains a significant amount of polyphenol (known as tannin), it is believed to account for the lower risk of cancer in tea drinkers because of its ability to help DNA cells to accurately reproduce.


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  • Dhp

    Da Hong Pao


    Renowned Rock Oolong. Full bodied yet smooth with rich, earthy flavors of brown sugar, malt, pipe tobacco, and spice balanced by mild nuances of citrus zest and stone fruit. Rich and complex with mild tannins.

  • Fragrantfruitmtn

    Fragrant Fruit Mountain Oolong


    Delicate, sweet, and low in tannins. Full of honey and honeysuckle notes with hints of watemelon, cucumber, and a subtle herbiness.

  • Goldkuanyin

    Gold Kuan Yin


    Exceptionally smooth and sweet, with notes of melon, citrus, and honey with a lightly floral and herbaceous finish. From a hybrid of the Ti Kuan Yin cultivar.

  • Goldenbuds

    Golden Buds Milk Oolong


    This Taiwanese Oolong has a unique and luscious natural “peaches and cream” aroma and flavor. Fragrant, full bodied, and sweet. One of our favorites to drink hot or cold.

  • Orchid Oolong 02

    Orchid Oolong


    Delicate floral aroma. Notes of orchid, honeysuckle, honeydew melon, and hints of citrus are balanced by a mild herbiness.

  • Tikuanyin

    Ti Kuan Yin Special Grade


    Renowned Chinese Oolong, also sometimes spelled Tie Guanyin. Fragrant notes of orchid, apple, berry, and grapefruit balanced by subtle sweet notes of malt and honey.

Showing all 6 results