Special Blends

Our blends combine coffees which complement one another for more balanced and distinctive flavors.


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  • Brazil and French Roast Blend


    A rich and creamy blend of our Brazil and French Roast coffees. Smooth and sweet but with an excellent full body. This blend creates a nice crema making it a great choice for the home espresso machine.

  • Breakfast Blend


    Our blend of Colombian Supremo and French Roast is smooth and rich with great depth of character. Combining the fine flavor of Colombian and the bittersweet chocolate notes of French Roast, Breakfast Blend displays the subtleties of the arts of roasting and of blending.

  • Cacao Blend


    Our Cacao Blend brings together coffees from Central America, South America and Indonesia to create a rich, decadent blend. A well balanced body is complemented by notes of smooth milk chocolate and a silky dark chocolate finish.

  • Coffee Liker’s Blend


    A variation of our Coffee Lover’s Blend with a similar flavor profile. We mix Ethiopia Harrar, Mexico Oaxaca and New Guinea AA for a complex and interesting blend with good body and richness.

  • German Blend


    Guatemalan Antigua, Colombia Supremo and Kenya AA, smooth and rich with bright notes. The Germans are famous for their coffeehouses and the excellent blends that they create.

  • Harvest Blend


    Delightfully creamy, smooth and a little sweet with some French Vanilla flavor.

  • Holiday Blend


    Our fabulous blend of Central and South American coffees has fruity aroma, caramel-like body and a chocolate finish. Sure to please the most discriminating coffee drinkers.

  • Kaffeeklatsch House Blend


    Medium-bodied, well balanced, pleasant flavor. The lively, complex flavors of Central and South American coffees make our House Blend a real crowd-pleaser.

  • Love Your Library Blend


    Rich aroma of dark chocolate with hints of fruits. Smooth and creamy full body. Nuances of rich chocolate, cocoa, allspice, red wine, and stone fruits. Nice complexity with a little sweetness and a little darkness. Pairs well with your morning or afternoon read!

  • Mocha Java


    The world’s oldest and most famous blend, rich, full-bodied, striking flavor.

  • Red Sea Blend


    A blend from the birthplace of coffee; Ethiopian Queen City Harrar combined with Ethiopian Guji produces a fantastic, aromatic coffee.

  • WLRH Blends


    Try a blend from our friends at WLRH Huntsville Public Radio!

Showing all 12 results