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  • Bavarian Chocolate


    A European style, darker and richer chocolate flavor. If you like really good sophisticated chocolates this is the coffee for you.

  • Brazil and French Roast Blend


    A rich and creamy blend of our Brazil and French Roast coffees. Smooth and sweet but with an excellent full body. This blend creates a nice crema making it a great choice for the home espresso machine.

  • Brazil Mantiqueira De Minas


    Soft and sweet aroma with notes of milk chocolate, pastry, marzipan and subtle fruit. Good composition in the cup, nuances of chocolate and cocoa, caramel, cream and hints of sweet fruits. Soft, smooth and easy to drink!

  • Breakfast Blend


    Our blend of Colombian Supremo and French Roast is smooth and rich with great depth of character. Combining the fine flavor of Colombian and the bittersweet chocolate notes of French Roast, Breakfast Blend displays the subtleties of the arts of roasting and of blending.

  • Cacao Blend


    Our Cacao Blend brings together coffees from Central America, South America and Indonesia to create a rich, decadent blend. A well balanced body is complemented by notes of smooth milk chocolate and a silky dark chocolate finish.

  • Caramel Decadence


    A sweet aroma mixed with a smooth creamy body, you don’t have to be royalty to enjoy it! Creamy French caramel and just a spot of cream make Caramel flavored coffee.

  • Chocolate Almond


    A creamy chocolate and almond mix that will give you an exceptionally smooth flavor and will melt in your mouth.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut


    A classic yet irresistible taste of chocolate flavored coffee and with the essence of freshly roasted hazelnut.

  • Chocolate Pecan


    A mixture of chocolate and pecan, flavorful, nutty aroma and taste. A southern tradition!

  • Colombia Don Enrique Reserve Excelso


    Pleasant aroma with nuances of stone fruits, chocolate and toffee. Velvety medium body in the cup with notes of dark chocolate, plum, berry, and pecans balanced by toffee and sweet butter notes.

  • Costa Rica Finca Rosa Linda – Mariposa

    Sale! $14.95

    A lovely aroma with nuances of berries, citrus and spice. Crisp and clean in the cup with a full medium body. Notes of blueberry and cherry, apple, plum and a touch of citrus along with dark chocolate and toffee.

  • Creme Brulee


    A warm toasty caramel glaze with the rich cool custard flavor.

  • Decaffeinated Breakfast Blend


    Hearty and rich, a decaffeinated version of our Breakfast Blend. This full-bodied blend of Decaffeinated Colombian and Decaffeinated French Roast is so delicious one can hardly tell that it is “not the real thing”.

  • Decaffeinated Colombian Supremo


    Our Decaffeinated Colombian has a mild, smooth flavor and a medium body. Certified Organic.

  • Decaffeinated Ethiopian


    Pungent aroma, tangy flavor, medium-body. Our Decaffeinated Ethiopian reflects the distinguishing characteristics that this famous coffee growing country is known for. Certified Organic.

  • Decaffeinated French Roast


    Dark, smoky flavor, full body without the caffeine. High quality South American and Indonesian beans are roasted a little longer than our other decaffeinated coffees to develop the characteristic dark, rich flavor of French Roast. Certified Organic.

  • Decaffeinated German Blend


    A decaffeinated version of our popular German Blend. Inspired by the traditional combination of the best grades of South American and African coffees, we developed this blend to suit customers looking for a European style coffee.

  • Decaffeinated Kaffeeklatsch House Blend


    Smooth and complex, a decaffeinated version of our Kaffeeklatsch House Blend. This well rounded blend of Decaffeinated Colombian, Decaffeinated Peruvian, Decaffeinated Ethiopian and Decaffeinated Sumatran is so delicious one can hardly tell that it is “not the real thing”.

  • Decaffeinated Mocha Java


    Blend of Decaffeinated Ethiopian and Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandheling, complex and full-bodied. Our decaffeinated version of the classic blend of Mocha style coffee from Ethiopia and Indonesian coffee is rich and flavorful.

  • Decaffeinated Peruvian


    Mild flavor, nice brightness, excellent body. Grown high in the Andean mountains at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 feet, our Decaffeinated Peruvian coffee is Certified Organic & Rainforest Alliance.

  • Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandheling


    True coffee flavor, full body and rich flavor. Sumatra Mandheling’s flavors are so deep and complex that they withstand better than any other coffee the slight flavor loss that decaffeination causes. Certified Organic & Fair Trade.

  • Frangelico & Creme


    Toasted Hazelnut essence with a creamy finish makes this an excellent dessert coffee.

  • French Roast


    Soft, rich, dark flavor; smooth and complex. We blend excellent grades of South American and Indonesian coffees to create our French Roast.

  • French Vanilla


    Rich sweet vanilla flavors in your heavenly cup of fine roasted coffee. A rich and full-bodied coffee.

  • German Blend


    Guatemalan Antigua, Colombia Supremo and Kenya AA, smooth and rich with bright notes. The Germans are famous for their coffeehouses and the excellent blends that they create.

  • Golden Pecan


    Real roasted pecan pieces are combined with our coffee beans to accentuate the toasted nut flavors.

  • Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona


    Classic Antigua flavor! Pleasing aroma with notes of cocoa, stone fruits, caramel and a hint of spice. Good structure and balance in the cup. Smooth and lush medium body. Nuances of cocoa, pastry and nuts along with sweet peach and caramel.

  • Harvest Blend


    Delightfully creamy, smooth and a little sweet with some French Vanilla flavor.

  • Hawaiian Kona


    Nice, sweet aroma with notes of cocoa, nuts and vanilla. Smooth and silky body in the cup with nuances of sweet chocolate, nut brittle, vanilla cream and subtle hints of orange or lemon along with just a touch of rosemary. Delightful!

    If you would like to try a quarter or half-pound of this coffee instead of a full pound, please add a note in the “Order Notes” section on the checkout page or call the store at (256) 539-1636.

  • Holiday Blend


    Our fabulous blend of Central and South American coffees has fruity aroma, caramel-like body and a chocolate finish. Sure to please the most discriminating coffee drinkers.

Showing 1–30 of 46 results