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  • Organic Spearmint


    Refreshing mint, good for digestion. This refreshing mint is reminiscent of our grandmother’s herb garden. Promotes digestion and is often recommended after a meal. Certified Organic.

  • Pu’er Mini Cakes


    Cooked Pu’er tea pressed into mini cakes. Full bodied tea with earthy notes of fine tobacco, malt, and mushrooms with hints of citrus zest and brown sugar.

  • Rose Corolla


    Beautiful whole roses give this tea a wonderful aroma and exquisite flavor. Product sold per oz.

  • Ti Kuan Yin Special Grade


    Renowned Chinese Oolong, also sometimes spelled Tie Guanyin. Fragrant notes of orchid, apple, berry, and grapefruit balanced by subtle sweet notes of malt and honey.

Showing 31–34 of 34 results