Golden Peony


This is an Oolong lover’s Black tea. Floral and smooth with delicate tannins and a honeysuckle finish.

Golden Peony is made from the Jin Mudan cultivar, which is originally from the Fujian region and is traditionally used to make Oolong teas. This cultivar being transplanted to the Hunan region and then used to make a black tea is a great example of the role of terroir and the intent of the producer on the final product. While the leaves are a little less refined in appearance, this tea makes up for it in the cup.

Recommendations: Use 2 heaping tsp. (or 2-3 grams) of leaves per 6 oz. of water; heat fresh water to 212°F (rolling boil); steep for 3 minutes.

Or: Use 1 gram of leaves per 1 ounce of water in a or gaiwan or small covered vessel; heat fresh water to 212°F (rolling boil); steep for 30-45 seconds. Add 30 seconds per extra steeping. Good for several steepings.


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