Coffee & Tea Filters



Melitta Filters –Coffee filters come in natural brown or bamboo, cone shape with flat bottom.

  • #1 natural brown, box of 40
  • #2 natural brown, box of 100
  • #2 bamboo, box of 80
  • #4 natural brown, box of 100
  • #4 bamboo, box of 80
  • #6 natural brown, box of 40
  • Tea Filter, unbleached white, box of 40, usable for a pot or cup

AeroPress Original Micro-Filter –box of 350, fits Original, Go, and Clear. Not compatible with XL model

Fino #2 Filter –natural brown, cone shape with pointed bottom, box of 100


Able Disk/Disk Fine/Disk Set –Reusable filters for the AeroPress made of stainless steel. Disk- hole size 254 microns. Disk Fine- (1/3 thickness of Disk, handle with care) hole size 152 microns. Disk Set- includes one of each size

Able Kone –Reusable filter for the Chemex (6, 8, and 10 cup), or Bonavita, Moccamaster, and Ratio Eight machines. Single layer piece of stainless steel with etched square-to-round hole design preventing clogging, creating an even flow of water, and preventing build up of oils and sediments

Fino #2/#4 –Reusable filter for automatic or hand drip/pour-over makers with a flat bottom. Flexible mesh stainless steel, folds flat, hole size 600 microns