Electric Coffee Makers


Moccamaster by Technivorm – Premium electric drip coffee brewers designed to bring you the perfect cup every brew!

  • Individually handmade and tested in the Netherlands for over 50 years
  • Purposely made to be durable, efficient and reliable for longevity
  • Copper boiling element ensures consistent and precise water temperature
  • Pulse-drip method creates ideal bloom and saturation maximizing flavor and aroma
  • Full brew cycle is complete in 4-6 minutes
  • 5 year warranty and a repair service center located in U.S.A.
Available Options:
  • Auto Drip-Stop or Manual Drip-Stop Brew Basket. Auto drip-stop basket has a specialized mechanism that will stop coffee flow if carafe is removed, ideal for brewing full pots of coffee. Manual drip-stop basket has a switch to adjust flow of coffee giving the ability to brew full or half pots of coffee (if switch is not closed fully coffee will continue to flow even if carafe is removed). Auto and Manual Baskets are available choices on Thermal Carafe models only. *KBGV Select Model – Flip one switch to brew a half pot or full pot, temperature of the hot plate will change depending on pot size, with auto drip-stop mechanism.
  • Glass Lined Thermal Carafe or Glass Carafe with Hot PlateGlass-lined double-walled stainless steel carafe, with a brew-thru lid and a travel lid. Brew-thru lid: coffee will flow directly in to the carafe and can be immediately served with no adjustment to the lid, coffee will stay warm about 1 hour. Travel lid: use after brewing to keep coffee warm longer or to take carafe with you, the lid must be turned to serve. Glass carafe models have a brew-thru lid and a hot plate. The hot plate has a separate heating element that adjusts its temperature depending on full or half-pot being brewed, temperature is kept in a unique way so that coffee never tastes scorched and plate will automatically shut off after 100 minutes for safety.
  • Sizes: Most models have a 1.25 L/40 oz. capacity. One cup 10 oz. and larger 1.8 L/60 oz. capacity are available as well.
Currently Available:
  • KBGV Select – glass carafe, auto drip-stop, full or half pot brewing, matte black, polished silver or stone grey
  • KBGT – thermal carafe, auto drip-stop, polished silver or stone grey
  • KBT – thermal carafe, manual drip-stop, full or half pot brewing, black
  • Cup One – single cup brewer, polished silver
If you are interested in a model not currently available (different size/color etc.) please call us at the store to inquire about ordering a specific model for you. Replacement parts are available as well.