Mexico Oaxaca CEPCO Altura


Mexico FTO Oaxaca CEPCO Altura EP is sourced from Coordinadora Estatal de Productores de Café de Oaxaca (CEPCO). This umbrella organization was created in 1989 and is now the largest association of small producers in Mexico. CEPCO is made up of family-owned farms as well as regional and community organizations that operate throughout the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. A majority of the members are from indigenous groups including the Mixteco, Zapoteco and Mixe. CEPCO is able to access international coffee markets providing farmers greater earning capacity and direct trade relationships. In addition to market assistance, CEPCO provides many other benefits to its members including technical assistance, infrastructure improvements, insurance, credit and help gaining Organic and Fair Trade certifications. Since it’s inception CEPCO has been active in regional and national social movements that address poverty and marginalization in indigenous communities. They continue to invest in diversification initiatives currently with particular emphasis on empowering women’s groups to be the vehicle for progress in their communities.

Coffees coming from the CEPCO organization are grown at 900 to 1700 meters in clay mineral soil. Cherries are processed fully washed and dried in the sun. This crop is Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade. Wonderful aroma with notes of chocolate and caramel. In the cup there are velvety nuances of milk and dark chocolate and notes of brown sugar and toffee. Smooth, creamy and sweet.


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