Our Peru Organic APROCASSI is sourced from family owned farms of the Asociación Provincial de Cafetaleros Solidarios San Ignacio (APROCASSI) from the San Ignacio provence, Cajamarca region of Peru. The APPROCASSI cooperative was established in 2000. The group was started to bring more specialty coffee out of the Cajamarca and Jaén regions of Peru. Now APROCASSI has over 600 members with 35 base committees throughout the Cajamarca and Jaén regions. APROCASSI aims to increase farmer earnings through various types of training and financing. These programs include agricultural and ecological projects as well as leadership training.

On average, farmers in the cooperative cultivate 7 hectares (a little over 17 acres) of land with coffee and other crops. This area is in the Andes Mountain range with coffees growing at 1,250 to 1,800 meters above sea level in a volcanic loam soil. Coffees are processed fully washed. This crop is Certified Organic.

Nice aroma with nuances of nuts, chocolate and spice. A balanced cup with a smooth, medium body. Notes of dark and milk chocolate, crisp apple and berries, and a hint of allspice. Certified Organic.