Water Kettles


Bodum Bistro (not pictured)

  • Electric heating base with removable jug kettle
  • Jug is double walled with a borosilicate glass inner wall and transparent plastic outer wall and black frame and handle, mesh screened spout, 1.125 L/38 oz. capacity
  • Temperature is adjustable, 5 settings from 140°F/60°C up to boiling
  • Keep warm function will hold desired temp for 30 minutes
  • Acoustic signal sounds when water has reached set temperature

Bodum MeliorElectric heating base with gooseneck kettle, stainless steel body with cork handle and lid knob, 0.8 L/27 oz. capacity, indicator light with auto shut off once temperature is reached

FinoStove-top gooseneck kettle, 1 L capacity, stainless steel body and lid with thermoplastic handle and knob, dishwasher safe