AeroPress & Accessories


AeroPress Original – an immersion style coffee maker, rapid brewing along with a micro filter create a bold cup with easy clean up. Set includes brew chamber and plunger, funnel, scoop, stir paddle, filter holder and 350 paper micro filters*.

AeroPress Go – offers the same quick and easy brewing process as the original AeroPress in a compact travel design that all fits in the included mug. Set includes brew chamber, mug with lid, scoop, stir stick, filter holder and 350 paper micro filters*.

Prismo – a reusable filter attachment with no need for a paper filter. The pressure-actuated valve allows for a greater pressure build-up creating a more “espresso-style” shot. The attachment also creates a no-drip seal for recipes that normally require inverting the AeroPress.

Some Notes: Please use caution when using either AeroPress (with or without Prismo) over thin glass vessels, the pressure is stout! The Prismo attachment is not compatible with any AeroPress maker produced between 2005-2009.

*Find micro filter refills under Coffee Filters