Pour Overs


Bodum GlassBorosilicate glass with cork and leather sleeve. Reusable fine-mesh filter, equivalent to #4 size filters. Glass carafe is 1 L (34 oz.) capacity, dishwasher safe excluding removable cork/leather sleeve. (available for pick up orders only)

HIC GlassBorosilicate glass with inner swirl design to distribute water for balanced extraction, #2 size. Fits over your own mug or carafe, dishwasher safe. HIC #2 paper filters or HIC stainless steel reusable filter can be used.

HIC Porcelain #1, #2, #4White porcelain with ribbed sides. Available in #1 size (3 drip holes with or without carafe), #2 size (4 drip holes) or #4 size (3 drip holes).

Cilio Porcelain #6White porcelain with ribbed sides, #6 size (2 drip holes), dishwasher safe.

Plastic #4 (not pictured)Black plastic with ribbed sides, #4 size (2 drip holes), dishwasher safe.


*Tip – There are lots of instructional videos on the internet. Check some out and experiment to find the method that works best for you!