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  • Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona


    Classic Antigua flavor! Pleasing aroma with notes of cocoa, stone fruits, caramel and a hint of spice. Good structure and balance in the cup. Smooth and lush medium body. Nuances of cocoa, pastry and nuts along with sweet peach and caramel.

  • Harvest Blend


    Delightfully creamy, smooth and a little sweet with some French Vanilla flavor.

  • Holiday Blend


    Our fabulous blend of Central and South American coffees has fruity aroma, caramel-like body and a chocolate finish. Sure to please the most discriminating coffee drinkers.

  • Honduras Finca Liquidámbar Yellow Honey


    This coffee is wonderfully sweet and fruity. The aroma has notes of cocoa and abundant fruits. In the cup this coffee is juicy and full of fruit notes-rainier cherry, blueberry, fig, pineapple, citrus-with subtle nuances of cocoa and honey-butter. Rich, medium body with a velvety feel. Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade.

  • Irish Cream


    A flavor of Irish whiskey, coffee, cream, and sugar now captured in coffee. Irish Cream is a remarkably mellow, creamy, and warming.

  • Italian (Espresso) Roast


    Our darkest roast, a blend of Indonesian coffees. Very intense, ebony coffee with pronounced smoky overtones.

  • Kaffeeklatsch House Blend


    Medium-bodied, well balanced, pleasant flavor. The lively, complex flavors of Central and South American coffees make our House Blend a real crowd-pleaser.

  • Kenya Nyeri Rugi Mihuti


    This energetic coffee hits that Kenyan taste we are always looking for! Notes of berries, citrus and cocoa in the aroma. Full-bodied, rich and juicy in the cup. Nuances of tangy lemon, lime and orange along with sweet blueberry, muscadine and cocoa.

  • Mexico Finca La Laja Honey


    Like the Mexican profile we always like to have around, this coffee is wonderfully sweet and has that lush, creamy body. The honey processing adds some lovely notes not usually found in a washed Mexican though. Along with creamy chocolate notes there is a pleasant balance with hints of orange and tangerine, subtle nuttiness and just a touch of allspice. If you’re usually a Honey Honduran or Hawaiian Kona drinker make sure to give this a try!

  • Mexico Oaxaca Pluma San Agustin Loxicha


    A very easy drinking coffee, mellow yet lush with just a touch of sweet brightness! Pleasing sweet aroma with notes of chocolate and buttery pastry. Smooth and creamy body in the cup. Nuances of milk chocolate, cocoa and fudge, almonds, graham cracker and just a hint of sweet cherries and orange. Delicious!

  • New Guinea Kimel Estate


    The aroma has notes of deep, dark chocolate, pastry and a hint of spice. In the cup it’s heavy bodied, rich and creamy. Nuances of dark chocolate, earthiness, almonds and nutmeg, delicious!

  • Pecan Praline


    A Southern treat…rich, creamy praline wraps itself around the nutty taste and aroma of Southern pecans.

  • Peru Tabaconas Las Mercedes

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    A very pleasant Peru! Complex aroma with nuances of cocoa, toasted nuts, citrus and stone fruits, vanilla and caramel. Full and creamy in the cup, a nice balance of fine acidity and sweetness. Notes of juicy orange, cherry and plum up front, followed by semi-sweet chocolate, nutmeg and vanilla cream sweetness. Certified Organic.

  • Sumatra Takengon IKA Mandheling


    This crop has a full aroma with earthy, nutty and sweet notes. Heavy and rich in the cup with a mild brightness. Earthy and chocolately nuances along with a sweet toffee note, almonds and hints of citrus and tropical fruits.

  • Timor-Leste Ermera Letefoho Eratoi

    Sweet aroma with nuances of berries, dark chocolate, brown sugar and vanilla. Good and balanced composition in the cup with notes of chocolate, figs and berries, toffee, earthiness and citrus. Smooth, rich body. Certified Organic.

  • Toasted Almond


    The delicate flavor of warm, toasted almonds makes this an exceptional coffee.

  • Yuletide Cheer


    Experience the the warmth and flavors of the holidays all year with this delicious blend of our Bavarian Chocolate, Frangelico and Creme and Irish Cream.

Showing 31–47 of 47 results