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New Arrivals!

We have some new coffees in stock and more on the way!

India Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold is new to us. We had a short tangent of trying out some coffees from countries we don’t normally carry and we just fell in love with this crop from India! It has a really nice balance of sweet and bright notes with a solid body, just a touch wild.

While you may not recognize the name, we are happy to have Sulawesi Toraja coffee back in stock. We have carried this country’s coffee under “Celebes Kalossi” previously but Sulawesi is the proper country name since their independence in 1945. This crop is heavy, creamy, and rich.

We have a new Ethiopia coffee out of the Sidamo Zone. This one’s smooth and syrupy with nicely balanced sweet and slightly tangy notes. If you’ve been missing our Harrar coffee it’s worth giving this one a try, it’s not quite the same but somewhat reminiscent. Speaking of Ethiopia Harrar, our importer has some on the way to their warehouses but we don’t expect to see a sample until May.

We’ve been featuring our Paupa New Guinea as March’s coffee of the month but we’ve just switched into a new crop. The Papua New Guinea Konkua is a chocolate bomb and just as excellent as the previous Timuza crop.

COMING SOON: Timor-Leste is on the road and we should have it back on the menu in the next couple of weeks. We will also be offering a Brazil Peaberry coffee, look for the in the next couple of weeks. Three new coffee mug styles are on the way as well!

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New Store Hours on Fridays!

We hope you are having a pleasant start to 2023 and thank you again for all the support and love last year!

This year we’ll be adding some evening hours. Starting Friday January 27th, our new Friday hours are 9am to 7pm! We hope this will give some flexibility to those of you that can’t make it during our daytime hours. We’ll have both caffeinated and decaffeinated pots brewed for our $3 cups of drip coffee.

On a different note, our shipping costs have increased some due to changes the postal service has made recently. Please know we are currently working to lower these costs as quickly as possible. If you ever have any questions about shipping costs, please feel free to call or email!

Now, on a good note again, we have been sampling several coffees lately and will have some great new arrivals coming in shortly!

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Merry New Year!

The Kaffeeklatsch Crew wishes you all a very Merry New Year for 2023! We are so grateful for your patronage!

We are currently closed for our Winter Break and will resume regular business hours and shipping on Thursday January 5th, 2023. Orders placed between 12/23/22 and 01/04/23 will ship when we reopen.

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Holidays Are Here!

Whether you’re prepared or not the holiday season is upon us. The roaster had it’s Fall deep cleaning in October and we are ready to roast all your holiday needs!

Gift Ideas

We have plenty of options for the coffee and tea lovers (or novices…or you) in your life. Our selections of coffee and tea cover many different taste profiles. If you need help with your picks, we are happy to assist or answer any questions!

Our popular seasonal blends are available. The Holiday Blend is a crowd pleaser with it’s nicely balanced notes and smooth body. For the flavored coffee lovers, Yuletide Cheer is the way to go with its festive blend of Bavarian Chocolate, Frangelico & Creme, and Irish Cream.

We have some nice Special Offers available as well. The Costa Rica Hacienda La Florida Natural Gesha is a gem of a coffee with such a unique flavor profile. The Holidays Fruit Tea is a pleasant herbal blend that really gives you that winter warmth feeling.

If you are looking to get a variety or just not quite sure what your gift receiver likes, we have sampler options for both coffee and tea. Each sampler comes with 3-4 small quantity bags for a little taste of multiple coffees or teas. Click the “Sample Options” tab to see the available samplers (please note these are preset with no substitutions).

Don’t forget we also have lots of options for brewing and drinking equipment, chocolate bars and candies, and ‘Kaffeeklatsch’ branded swag. Click the “Accessories” tab to see all of our non-drinkable products.

New Gift Cards

We have started using new gift cards recently. The new plastic gift cards have a card number so you can use them more easily at checkout! Just look for the “Using a Gift Card” box on the checkout page and fill in the details. Checking your balance is easy too, just scan the QR code on the back of your card. We have specified amounts available to purchase online but if you’d like a different monetary value just call us at the store. We will continue to honor our old style gift cards.

A Few Changes Coming Soon

We have a couple new things in the works that will be implemented over the next few months.

  • The exact date is not set yet but starting mid/end of January we will be extending our store hours on Friday evenings until 7pm! The rest of our store hours will remain as are. Look for updates on this change at the beginning of 2023.
  • Our checkout experience will be changing just a bit. Shipping options and costs be will shown at checkout for more clarity on the cost of your order at time of checkout. Again the date for this change is not set yet but we will give an update as soon as it goes live.

Our Holiday Hours

  • The week of Thanksgiving the store will be closed on Thursday 11/24 and Friday 11/25. We’ll have regular business hours the other days that week.
  • On Christmas Eve the store will be open 8:30am to 12:30pm. As is tradition for The Kaffeeklatsch we’ll have free cups of coffee!
  • For our Winter Break the store will be closed Sunday 12/25 through Wednesday 01/04/2023. We’ll resume regular business hours on Thursday 01/05/2023.

We so appreciate all of our patrons and partners, old and new alike, and wish you all a most pleasant and safe holiday season! -The Kaffeeklatsch Crew, Joanna, Katie, Amanda, Mary, Paron, Graham, Grant & Kathryn

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More New Arrivals!

We are continuing to get some of our old favorites back in the store this summer. Both Tanzania Peaberry and Costa Rica La Minita are back on the menu now! We found these crops to be so nicely balanced with a mix of pleasant sweet and bright flavor notes.

Our Tanzania Ruvuma Peaberry comes out of one of the southern-most regions of the country, bordering Mozambique to the south and the African Great Lake Nyasa to the west. A collaboration between two companies, Soochak Bush and Tropex, acts as a type of cooperative for small farms in the Mbinga district. Having this type of group makes sure small farm-holders can get their crops to the international market and receive fair pay. This crop is smooth and rich, great medium body, with notes of dark chocolate, chocolate chess pie, orange, and grapefruit. On offer for $18.95 per pound.

We know so many of you will be happy to see Costa Rica Hacienda La Minita back on offer! Hacienda La Minita continues to be a pinnacle of meticulous coffee growing and processing. The high altitudes, location of the farm and how the land is worked all come together to create an excellent micro-climate for La Minita’s coffee trees. Elegant, balanced, and refined, this is a lovely crop and on offer for $20.95 per pound.

New T-shirts are in store now as well! It’s a soft and comfy fabric with our logo in color. Sizes small to extra large are available for $20.