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Shipment of Coffee Received on September 26th includes Jamaica Blue Mountain

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee returned to The Kaffeeklatsch after being absent for many years. Jamaica Blue Mountain Grade 1 from the  Clydesdale Estate is packed in 30kg barrels. This fabled coffee has notes of tamarind, chocolate and orange and is exceptionally smooth. Coffee produced in the Jamaican Blue Mountains has a protected designation of origin (PDO) because of the renowned reputation of Blue Mountain coffee.

Coffee is intercropped with banana, Inga, mango and many other shade trees. The Clydesdale wet-mill is the most modern in Jamaica with technology to recycle and treat water before returning it to the environment. The dry mill, located in an economically underprivileged part of Kingston, employs over 600 women to hand sort coffee.  In addition to the social impact from stable employment, funds are also invested in projects to support over 30 schools.

  • Ethiopia Guji 3 Natural Banko Baya is another new arrival, and it has beautiful berry notes as well as hints of spice and herbs balanced by chocolate nuances.
  • Kenya Nyeri Rumukia Thunguri AA is the highest grade of Kenyan coffee available. This assertive coffee has fine acidity with a lot of fruity flavors, such as lemon, berry and green apple, balanced by a rich, heavy body.
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New — Kaffeeklatsch T-shirts and Tote Bags and Two New Coffees!

New Kaffeeklatsch short-sleeve t-shirts are now offered in unisex and women’s styles. These blue t-shirts with our logo on the front are the lightest and softest shirts we have ever worn. Our t-shirts are great for the last hot days of summer, and they are perfect for layering on cool evenings. Buy yours for $15.95, while all the sizes are available. These also make a great gift!

Our first Kaffeeklatsch tote bags are beige with a black logo and are made in two styles.

The latest arrivals in our store are from Colombia and Guatemala.

Our Colombia Huila San Agustin is rich, creamy and sweet with nuances of milk chocolate and caramel balanced by hints of stone-fruits and spice and is $15.95. San Agustin is from a group of farmers called Proyecto San Agustin. This coop was established in 2016 to focus on quality coffee production and to establish direct trade relationships.

Our Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca La Severa is from the renown coffee growing region of Huehuetenango and is a single-estate coffee from the family-owned farm of Finca La Severa. This coffee has smooth medium body and in the cup you’ll find nuances of dark chocolate and candied nuts balanced by notes of green apple, peach and winey green grapes. The price is $15.95 per pound.