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Summer Highlights

We are pleased to have new coffee and tea arrivals at the store, as well as some customer favorites that we’ve all been missing!

We have two excellent honeyprocessed Special Offerings available;

  • El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas Honey – Sourced from the farm Cerro Las Ranas, translation “the hill of the frogs”, named for the lagoon on the farm that is populated by thousands of frogs. Read more about the family owned operation and grab a pound to try.
  • Uganda Mountain Harvest Mbale Honey – This was a great surprise sample for us while we were looking for some new honey-processed lots. This is a vibrant and complex coffee with lots fruity notes and is Certified Organic. Read more about the Mountain Harvest company that represents small growers on Mount Elgon, Uganda and is helping them to achieve economic and environmental sustainability. We’ll have this in store for a short while, so if it sounds like the flavor profile you like make sure to give it a try soon!

New crops of Colombia and Guatemala, and Honduras Honey back in stock;

  • Colombia Huila Terra – Another great crop out of the Huila region. Good body, with nice balance and complexity. Also it’s Certified Organic.
  • Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca La Providencia – Great lot from Finca La Providencia. Farm owner and operator Max calls his coffee Palhu, a blend of his family name, Palacios, and the region, Huehuetenango.
  • Honduas Liquidambar Yellow Honey – Back in stock! We know you’ve missed it, it may be one of our most asked about coffees recently. Another delicious crop from Roberto Gonzalez’s Finca Liquidambar and still Certified Fair Trade, Certified Organic.

Coffees Arriving Soon;

  • Costa Rica Santa Maria De Dota Peaberry – Another store favorite that we’ve been missing! We just approved a delicious sample and have a delivery on the road to us. Look for it in the next couple weeks.

Great Summer Teas

We have some really nice teas for summertime drinking! Whether you still like to drink it hot or prefer to switch to iced tea in the warmer months, any of these teas are great choices;

  • Fragrant Fruit Mountain Oolong – A lovely oolong that is delicate, sweet, and low in tannins, making it very easy drinking!
  • Honeydew Mint Fruit Tea – A nice fruity blend with a little bit of mint. Very refreshing and naturally decaffeinated.
  • Passionfruit and Peach Fruit Tea – Lovely summertime all fruit blend that’s naturally sweet and juicy. Naturally decaffeinated.
  • Summer Peach Green – One of our newer teas, and so good for summertime. A mix of refreshing green tea with peach bits and sunflower petals.
  • Keemun Maofeng Fancy – If you’re a fan of Southern style iced tea, you’ll find this traditional Keemun works great for sweet (or unsweet) iced tea.

New Brewing Accessories;

  • Moccamaster KM5 Electric Grinder – An excellent new burr grinder from Moccamaster. Made with the same level of quality and care as their wonderful brewers, with the same 5 year warranty, and lifetime repairability!
  • AeroPress Clear, AeroPress Stainless Steel Reusable Filters, and AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap – AeroPress has introduced multiple new items recently, including a clear version of their brewer, reusable filters, and a flow control filter. Look for these new items on our website in the next few weeks!